Performance Guide

Aerial Apparatus Guide


Aerial silks are the most common aerial apparatus. Also called tissue or fabric, they are rigged from the center of the fabric so the two tails hang below.


Lyra is a metal hoop that can be hung from the ceiling or a portable rig. The performer doesn't require much ceiling height which makes it a great choice for most locations.


Similar to silks, hammock is rigged from the ends of the fabric to create a loop, much like an infinity scarf. Hammock is easily rigged in high or low ceilings making it an easy choice.


Aerial cube is the 3D box suspended from the ceiling. This small apparatus is great for low ceilings and small spaces.

Freestanding Rig

Our rigs can be set for 16 feet or 21 feet and are easy to transport. They can be set up or torn down in approximately 15 minutes.

Custom Apparatuses

Want something custom to your event? Let us help you find something truly unique.

Floor Based Performance Guide


Gymnastic/dance style performers bending their bodies into unbelievable positions. Twisting their torsos under their legs, putting their feet on their head and defying the limits of the human body.


Portable poles can be set up on any flat surface and most stages. These weighted stages allow performers to do a variety of tricks and dance movements.


A lollipop is a metal hoop on top of a pole (resembling a lollipop shape). It's portable and does not require any rigging.

Flow Arts

Typically floor based, flow arts consist of any dance style movements while balancing, juggling o​r manipulating an object.

Hoop Dance/Hooping

Dance movements with a hula hoop. Hooping is much more than just circles around your waist. Performers demonstrate an array of catches, flips and tricks with one or multiple hoops. Hoops can be multiple colors or LED lights in clear tubing.


Dance movement with a wand that is typically attached to clear strings giving it the illusion of floating. Wands can be solid color or LED lights in clear tubing.


What's more circus than juggling! Performers dynamically throw multiple objects in a circular motion giving the illusion that objects are floating.

Fire Performers

Fire can be eaten, thrown or flowed with. Fire eating consists of performers actively placing fire inside the mouth or on the tongue. Throwing fire consists of performers blowing at fire to create a massive flame from a small spark. Flow with fire consists of flow arts equipment being lit on fire and danced with.


Atmospheric and ambiance style performance with or without an apparatus. Roving is typically floor or stage based.

Human Statue

Performers interact with guests between freezing like a statue. Our motionless performers can be completed painted (popularly silver or gold) or they can fashion a particular attire suited to your event.

Champagne Skirt

Performers stand inside of a skirt created for serving champagne. It is optional to have performers serve drinks or to have guests simple help themselves to the cocktails placed in the skirt sleeves.

GoGo Dancers

Either choreographed routines or ambiance style dance movements. Performers can dance based on any style or music and can accommodate any floor or stage.

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